Where To Sell Used Car Batteries

Where to Sell Used Car Batteries

Local Auto Parts Stores
This is, to me, the easiest and fastest way to sell used car batteries. Most of us have an Auto Zone, Advance Auto, or any other brand of auto part store, within a few blocks. Most of these stores are willing to buy old worn out batteries. Check up with some of the stores in your neighborhood if anyone is buying such batteries. Usually, they pay six to eight dollars per battery. And even if they don’t pay you cash, they will give you store credit.

Scrap Yards
Scrap yards will generally buy exhausted batteries. But if you want to get a better price for your stock of old batteries, you should look for foundries. A simple search on the net will tell you if there are any foundries close to your area.

Local People
In certain places there are local guys interested in buying these batteries but then they do keep a cut for themselves. It may need some effort on your part to find people offering the most for your stuff.

United Battery
United Battery are known for offering cash rewards for old batteries with their famous Cash for Junk Batteries program. The amount they pay for lead acid batteries is often attractive. You may want to check out their website to get additional information.

Yellow Pages
I just did a quick search on Google and I found a dozen or so places that have a “Cash for Junk Batteries” or some kind of deal like that in my local area.