Reconditioning Batteries with Epsom Salt

Try not to burn through your time and money purchasing another vehicle battery. Imagine a scenario in which I let you know there is a straightforward, bit by bit process that you can make at home and spare your battery. Sounds great? At that point continue perusing for data on reconditioning batteries with Epsom salt. Also, you most likely have the stuff.

What is Epsom Salt? Epsom Salt isn’t generally a salt; it is really magnesium sulfate, which is an unadulterated mineral. It has many advantages, including battery reconditioning.

The advantages of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) on batteries. Including Epson salt together with refined water and heating soft drink will break up the lead sulfate development and improve the battery.

Instructions to Recondition the Battery utilizing Epsom Salt

Things you’ll require: Baking sod, a gallon of refined water, gloves, a pail, and millimeter and battery charger. Simply these basic steps

  1. Clean the battery with sandpaper.
  2. Evacuate the battery cell tops Make sure you use gloves on the grounds that the corrosive may jump on your skin and it won’t be lovely.
  3. Dump the corrosive that is in the battery in a container. Utilize long sleeves.

Get 10 ounces of heating pop, blend it up with around one gallon of refined water, do it in modest quantities and mix it until it breaks up into the water.

Start pouring it in and fill each phone. Do this gradually and cautiously. Put the cell tops back on and shake the battery for around 30 seconds (the preparing soft drink helps clean within the battery)

Expel the cell tops again and duck the arrangement into a pail.

Presently blend around 15 ounces of Epsom salt with around one gallon of refined water. Ensure you heat the water so you can blend it up significantly simpler.

Presently top off each cell with the refined water and Epson salt arrangement.

It’s a great opportunity to snatch the charger and moderately charge the battery for around 24 hours on the low charging setting. Try not to put the top on this time, in some cases the arrangement floods. For safety purposes keep the battery on the floor.

After 24 hours, utilize your millimeter to check the voltage. On the off chance that regardless you figure it hasn’t improved without a doubt, at that point set it back on the charger. In the event that you’ve had any flood issues, it is significant that you include more arrangement. Put it on the 2amp setting and sit tight for an additional 24 hours.

– Do’s and Don’ts

– Do it in a well-ventilated region

– Do utilize long sleeves and gloves

– Don’t include the Epsom salt straight into the battery, without first blending it up with refined water.


Show restraint. The entire procedure can take as long as 36 hours, and the outcomes may not be quick. Have a go at changing the charger to ensure the issue isn’t with the charger. This procedure works best with more established batteries. So there you have it, a bit by bit beginners instructions for reconditioning batteries with Epsom salt.

Learn more about how you can recondition your own batteries yourself from home and save a TON of cash per year.