Best Car Battery For Cold Weather

Can coldness drain batteries? Extreme cold weather is hard on your car battery. At 32°F, it loses 35% of its strength, the lower the temperature falls, the higher is the loss of strength and when it plunges to 0°F, strength loss is up to 60%.

Starting an engine during a freezing cold can discharge current to as much as twice what is needed under ordinary normal conditions. Of course, it is wise to have your battery checked, and the charging and starting system tested even before the onset of the cold weather.

But, if the inevitable comes and your battery dies in the dead of winter, then you will need a replacement. This time, you should be more careful in your choice of battery replacement. It is best to choose a battery that is known to withstand the harshest winter.

There are several battery models in the market that will start your car even in freezing snow such as the Optima Red Top, the Optima Yellow Top, ACDelco Professional AGM, Exide Edge FP AGM, and the Northstar Ultra High-Performance AGM.

List of Auto Battery for winter

・Optima Red Top or Optima Batteries 8004-003 34/78 Redtop Starting Battery

Optima have a reputation for the production of high-performance batteries that can withstand too much abuse. The Red Top is top of the line and is made for a vast range of application.

What makes the Red Top the best choice for a battery in cold weather is its 800 CCC or CCA. You will have a stronger starting power with this battery even when it’s freezing outside.

・Optima Yellow Top or the Optima Dual Purpose Battery 8040-218 D35

Another excellent product from Optima is the Yellow Top. This high-performance battery will not only enable you to start your car’s engine under any weather condition it is also your best choice if you have loads of electronic systems in your car. A Yellow Top will deliver power when it is needed most.

・ACDelco Professional AGM

The ACDelco professional AGM battery delivers 800 CCC and is rated for low temperatures, features that should assure of a reliable cold starting. It also has an exceptional reserve capacity (RC) that can keep going even 140 minutes after you shut off your car’s engine.

・Exide Edge FP-AGM

The cold cranking amps or CCC of this battery is not as high as you would want it to be but it sure is more than enough to start your engine for most low temperature. And since it is an AGM which is a low maintenance model, you really have nothing much to worry about and it will give you years of high-performance usage.

・North star Ultra High-Performance AGM

The AGM (absorbed glass mat) technology is what gives this product of North Star its “ultra-high performance” giving it the capability to handle cold weather, deep cycling, and starts than the regular models.

This battery also has more reserve power and cold cranking amps and can handle deep cycling much more frequently. It is estimated to last for 400 recharge cycles at an 80% depth.